The Little Dripper Coffee Brewer

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Designer: Constellation Supply Co.

Category: Product Design

Year: Present-2020

Overview: The Little Dripper highlights the best qualities of two of Evan’s favorite brewing styles: the sweetness and clarity of pour over filter brewing, and the full-bodied mouthfeel of immersion brewing. There’s more to this coffee brewer than meets the eye…

Quality – Unlike many of the popular brewers on the market, the Little Dripper is a durable piece of ceramic serveware, handmade by artisans in the USA. The Little Dripper is built to be a cherished heirloom – just like your favorite cast iron skillet, or your grandmother’s wooden spoon, with proper care the Little Dripper will last a lifetime or more.

Sweetness – Constellation Supply Co. believe that the flat bottom shape is more forgiving compared to conical pour over brewers which can sometimes produce bitter and over extracted coffee. The flat bottom filters they used for the Little Dripper are their personal favorites because they promote even extraction, accent sweetness, and highlight coffee’s more subtle characteristics.

Air Flow – Besides being cute and resembling cupcake wrappers, the fluted edges of these specialty coffee filters are functional because they help separate the filter from the edge of the brewer, promoting increased air flow. Constellation Supply Co. modeled the Little Dripper’s interior walls to replicate the functionality of the Kalita Wave filters, with exaggerated “accordion-style” flutes. These ceramic grooved walls not only keep the filter from sticking to the sides, but they also provide improved temperature stability by insulating the brew with channels of warm air.

Body – Combined with coffee grind size, brew holes dictate the rate at which water flows through the coffee bed and can also help prevent over extraction. The Little Dripper boasts two precisely measured brew holes which are slightly smaller than those found on other manual devices. The Little Dripper’s flat bottom design and smaller brew holes work to gradually pull water through the coffee bed, allowing for steady draining and permitting a coarser grind than most brew methods, both of which contribute to the forgiving nature of the device. A flat bottom and larger grind size minimizes turbulence, resulting in lower agitation, and thus contributing to a cup with rich, fuller body, more similar to immersion style brewing.

Ease of Use -The Little Dripper is designed to work flawlessly without the need for scales or additional equipment, allowing coffee novices to quickly achieve professional results. The Dripper itself functions as a visual cue for water volume, and when filled to the top produces a perfect 10oz brew (300ml) brew. No overflow, no spills, and no scale required.

Aesthetic Design – Coffee is a labor of love. From seed to cup, an unbelievable amount of work goes into producing a good tasting cup. Coffee brewing is a celebration of everything that has already occurred throughout a coffee’s life cycle, and a prelude to the pleasure that will ensue upon its consumption. As such, Constellation Supply Co. wanted to steer clear of anything that felt mass produced and instead chose to work with artisan ceramicists to create a coffee brewer with honest character that pays homage to the farmers, growers, roasters and coffee lovers who take pride in their work. The result is a stylish, handcrafted, modern design deeply rooted in the belief that it’s better to create something special with your own hands.

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