Alfa Romeo Giulia

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Designer: Dragos Prodan

Categories: AutomotiveProduct Design

Year: 2021-2030

Overview: The Alfa Romeo Giulia Concept was designed to match up with the company’s current lineup of models – while also providing a healthy dose of classic Italian style.

The base for Prodan’s Giulia coupe concept would be an all-new platform, and one which makes good use out of a variety of lightweight materials. The front and rear bumpers, as well as the roof, are made from carbon fiber reinforced polymer. While the doors, hood and other body panels are all formed from aluminium. Prodan even goes so far as to propose using polycarbonate windows for the concept.

For a small, four-seat coupe with retro styling it manages to look aggressive and purposeful while also being practical, and there’s a well calculated balance between the classic styling and the modern engineering. The only downside is the rear bumper and taillight panel, which look a little too busy. But there are some lovely details too – like the flush-mounted nickel-plated door handles, classically inspired pepper-pot alloys, and pillar-less side windows.

For power, the Alfa Romeo Giulia concept is fitted with a hybrid drivetrain which employs a 180 horsepower gasoline engine, and a 109 horsepower electric motor supplied by a lithium-ion battery with 30kWh of storage capacity. The battery pack can be charged either on the move by the engine, by a dedicated charging station, or by a standard household power socket. The Alfa Romeo Giulia concept can be run in pure electric mode for up to 30 miles (50km).

Visit This Concept At Alfa Romeo Giulia


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