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Designer: Gino Khoury & Daniel Stroll

Category: Apps

Year: Present-2020

Overview: The truth is, mobile gaming is fun, but increasing the stakes against your friends is even more fun! And that’s why Gino  and Daniel have created BetBudz, to make your gaming experience even better.

BetBudz is designed to be super simple to use. Open the app, select a friend, challenge them to a game, and set the wager, be it real money or Bitz.

BuddyBitz is app’s very own currency. Wagering is fun, but it doesn’t always need to be for real money. Sometimes the wager itself is what’s important.

Bitz can be used to play games against your buddy’s. But the best part is that Bitz can be accumulated and cashed out for real money! So play all you want at no risk, and then earn some real cash or rewards for all your gaming work!

Visit This Concept At BetBudz


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