Onyx Supertrike

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Designer: Sandeep Bhambra & Sophie Gazeau

Categories: Motorcycles | TransportationProduct Design

Year: 2031-2040

Overview: A three wheeled hybrid superscooter, concept scooter Onyx is conceptualized to reply to new needs arising in urban mobility. It combines practicality and new ergonomic though in a sporty silhouette.

The driver and passenger can choose between two positions. In sport mode, the driver becomes one with the machine, the posture is active and dynamic, leaning forward with feet wedged behind. In Urban mode, the posture upright, with the feet forward, this allows the driver to have a good vision and excellent comfort.

This scooter is equipped with an innovative storage, clipbox, it located front of the vehicle between the driver’s legs, close to the center of gravity.  The roll-on wheels and a telescoping handle make this bag very handy. Once in place on the scooter, it is fully integrated like an ultra-sports machine, like the 17”rear wheel.

The form of the super-scooter is radical, energetic and sculpted, representing the new form language of the brand. It’s a strong and powerful block, lighted by sculpture and facets, with surface that transform from smooth, sensual to sharp and technologic. The headlamp and tail lamps are high technologic in their expression.

Visit This Concept At ONYX SUPERTRIKE


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