MIRA – The Chic Bike Bag

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Designer: Bike Belle

Category: Bags

Year: Present-2020

Overview: MIRA bags can help changing the world – one bike at a time.The MIRA bags take one of the excuses out – imagine no more struggling with the following:

  • Taking your laptop to the office while commuting by bike. No more heavy bags on your shoulders. Let your bike carry your computer for you.
  • Carrying your daily necessities on your back (goodbye backpacks, goodbye sweaty back on a summer morning!) or attached to your cycle with plastic bags, straps and other creative yet uncomfortable way. MIRA holds it all, in style.
  • Carrying your water-resistant sporty pannier to the office. As many others you might have used your touring panniers for commuting purposes. It doesn’t really go with your suit, we guess, nor is it handy to carry when you’re off the bike. MIRA bag sorts this out for you, acting as both – office bag and bicycle pannier.
  • Trying to squeeze your favourite handbag into a touring pannier. Errr. just stop it or you’ll damage both. We believe that the Au Lait, the Swing Velvet or the Elston will become your new favourite handbag as it’s become ours. AND it will clip on your bicycle in no time.

Visit This Concept At MIRA


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