Aston Martin DBC Supercar

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Designer: Samir Sadikhov

Category: Automotive

Year: 2021-2030

Overview: The Aston Martin DBC concept is a stunning machine whatever way you look at it. It’s lower, sleeker and more purposeful-looking than any production Aston Martin. It looks more suited to doing serious battle with the new McLaren P1, than slowly cruising up and down Monaco’s high street.

Cleverly Sadikov has avoided making the DBC too much like current Aston Martins, while still taking care to make sure it looks like it belongs to the brand. Personally I’m particularly keen on the neat and unfussy rear of the car.

The mid-engine layout of the DBC concept would be a first for Aston Martin, and while the concept was primarily intended to just be a bit of design fun, Sadikov has made sure the concept is also feasible in the real world.

Visit This Concept At The Aston Martin DBC


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