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Designer: Seden Lai

Categories: AppliancesGreenKitchenProduct Design

Year: 2041-2050 


Overview: Research shows that our existing city food system won’t be self-sufficient by 2050. Food uncertainty can hinder one’s culinary enjoyment, and alternative cultivation methods are required.

Urban agriculture is an effective solution for promoting a sustainable lifestyle. However, with a lack of knowledge and limited spacing, farming appears inaccessible to consumers.

My concept bridges the relationship between user and agriculture with an educative and inspirational approach. Tiled onto glass walls in a honeycomb structure, Terrium is a modular home appliance with a hydroponics system. These connected containers not only cultivate various legumes while maintaining optimal supply levels, but also transmit this information to the user.

Terrium systematically analyzes the growth patterns of the plants and informs users of its harvest dates. It matches multiple ripened legumes to a database for recipe suggestions. This allows effortless transition from cultivating to culinary.

Visit This Concept At Terrium


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