Ankida Yacht

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Designer: Lila-Lou

Category: Yacht

Year: 2021-2030

Overview: Measuring approximately 73 metres in length, the vessel is cradled within the bow-like arrangement allowing the forces generated by the rig to work efficiently for propulsion.

In a similar vein, the sail layout and operation is designed to allow for the greatest surface area coverage and optimal positioning in relation to the wind direction and conditions. The keel bulb adjusts automatically to optimise the centre of mass and gain the best performance.

What makes Ankida a truly unique wind-powered vessel is her magnetically levitated turbine located at the top between the masts that supplies power to her mechanics of operation and general “hotel” services. To maximise the effectiveness of the masts, both those port and starboard, each has a boom running parallel to one another that allows for hinging as well as sliding forward and aft.

This is done by making each boom in two sections along their length, the internal half runs forward-aft in constant contact with the mast, while the external half is attached to the internal via a series of electronically adjustable straps; the sail is attached to this half.

When on a beat or reach this allows the sails to be offset from one another maximizing the sail area for the conditions. These straps and furling mechanism are also intended to be micro-adjustable to further angle and/or bend the sails upwind allowing the yacht to sail closer to the wind.

When not under sail the booms rest joined and facing aft with the sail automatically furling in line with the straight mast. It is also possible for Ankida to operate under one sail, therefore having the option of a portside sail and starboard sail offers great flexibility when pleasure cruising.

When the boat is running downwind the booms halves join to form one on each side and hinge out from the FWD masts to offer the maximum sail coverage, this is much like a conventional rig. However, on both sides, all the energy in the configuration is ploughed in to making the boat go forward and as such the spinnaker can also be launched.

The spinnaker is stored and automatically furled & unfurled into a box just below the wind turbine at the top of the masts, the poles for setting it pivot mechanically out of the forward mast. In this configuration there is literally a wall of sail propelling the boat.

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