Tree of life

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Designer: Zahari Ganchev

Categories: AppliancesProduct DesignSketchesTechnology

Year: 2031-2040

Overview: TOL stores products in separate cells of organic polymer. When the consumer chooses a product, Tol moves it to the next chamber where the cell is evaporated by a laser. Then the object is cleaned, pilled and cutted into few pieces for a further transport. Pieces are moved in the selected dish where are cutted into a selected shape. Pieces can be arranged in the plate by a robotic arm. TOL can heat the plate from below using an induction coil and heat it from above by a conventional coil. It depends on the cooking process. Meanwhile the pressure is regulated by a valve. Steam and air are released through a slot between the dish and the cover, where an absorbent filter is situated to remove any undesirable smells. Consumer can еngrave shapes or graphics on the meal. An organic water tank supplies each dish directly by a small separate tubes. Other liquids are transported to the dish in the organic cell and are punctured there. Shell returns for disintegration back to the first chamber. Spices are stored in small cells, sized to the correct dose for a meal. They are transported to the dish where are inflated with air by the arranging arm and are deliberately punctured. This will cause spices to splash all around the meal. Meanwhile the organic shell is returned for evaporation. When the cooking process is finished, every part and surface is cleaned by lasers. TOL provides the opportunity to have a homemade healthy meal every day, no matter how busy you are.

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