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Designer: Pablo Luchino

Categories: AppliancesKitchenProduct Design | Technology

Year: 2041-2050

Overview: Usually an analogy can be made between their primary function and an existing object, for example “kitchen” and then “portable” or “solar” is the innovation. But how do we do if we have more functions? Imagine that you go back fifty years in the past and you need to explain to someone what a smart phone is. The first thing you would say is “this is a phone that you can carry everywhere” and it is correct, but it also allows you to do a variety of things, and you have to explain “also can send mails, watch TV, use it as alarm clock, etc, etc, etc “. It is difficult to describe an object that has multiple functions, today we use only two words to describe all the functions it has and will have in a single device. You may wonder who is Inspira is a “smart recipe ” because it contains plenty of recipes but also allows you, to know what are your physical needs, connect with your phone, gym and medical record to know your habits, can smell the food, see as prepared aesthetically, make a shopping list without thinking about what is or is not in the refrigerator, as if this were not enough can take 3D pictures and share the aromas of your kitchen, become a chef and show anyone in the world your skills.

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