Emax Excalibur – Carbon Neutral Yacht

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Overview: Introducing the world’s first “carbon neutral yacht,” the Emax Excalibur. The fly-bridge features a photo-voltaic exoskeleton that can harvest and return enough energy per year to offset up to 3,000 nautical miles! The Emax Propulsion System delivers advanced hybrid diesel power by combining the new VW Marine 350TDI v8 and GM Allison duel mode hybrid transmission- a revolutionary first step in the maritime industry.


  • Overall Length; 22m
  • Beam; 5m
  • Draught; 0.9m
  • Displacement; 38tons
  • Hull; Epoxy Carbon Kevlar Composite
  • Fuel; 3,000 liters (Range at 22knts 1,000nm)
  • Lithium ion Battery; <200Kw
  • Emax Propulsion; 2xV8 VWTDI350 / GM Allison Hybrid Transmission
  • Power; 2x350Kw
  • Drives; 2xZeus Duo-prop
  • Plug-in; Return to Grid over 50MWs per year
  • Max speed; 30knts
  • Cabin; 3 Doubles 1 Single

Designer: Sauter Design

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