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Overview: The latest from IN-TENTA, this urban architectural installation called ALL-IN-SQUARE appears to be hand created just for the unique waterfront space where it lives, but in actuality it’s composed of simple, moveable modular elements including granite benches, metal “cocoon” seats, soft lighting, bike stands, granite floor coverings and square pop-ups for shelter, shade or use as a kiosk. Everything a common ground needs for a custom aesthetic, but with less expense and more efficiency.

The trapezoidal-shaped pieces can be combined in multiple ways for a variety of needs and outdoor leisure activities. Incorporating technological and ecological aspects, thin photovoltaic solar films are located on the roof of the metal plate of the microarchitecture as well as the ‘cocoon’ elements to supplement electricity to items like lighting and public wi-fi. ALL-IN-SQUARE is fully built in a factory and then transported to the final location. It is specifically designed to be installed with a minimum impact on the environment.

Designer: IN-TENTA

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