Bleen – Holographic Projection

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Overview: It’s called Bleen, and it’s a breakthrough in technology that reimagines the holographic projection system of tomorrow as as convenient and portable. From its sculptural shell, holographic images are displayed for a variety of applications available in the open-source Bleen Store. This means developers can create an endless amount of programs for gaming, sports, education, exercise, and of course, entertainment. Do virtual yoga with friends, enjoy a 3D gaming experience, or even hire a virtual “DJ” for your next party!

Designer: Bleen Inc


2 thoughts on “Bleen – Holographic Projection”

  1. Really, it’s so amazing. Hologram Displays are an impressive and innovative method nowadays. It is a technique for recording the wave front of a 3D scene on a 2D image. There is High frame rate, full-color spectrum, interactive like a touch screen mechanism. 3d is a diversified technology, which can be utilized in various fields such as design, entertainment, manufacturing, defense, security and construction. The enhanced technologies such as 3D image sensors and 3D displays providing high resolution visuals, I also have seen this type of holographic display in

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