Neck Brace – Next Gen Neck Support

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Overview: One look at Handsome’s modern Neck Brace design and its focus is on lightness and discretion becomes apparent. While neck braces are the simplest solution for stabilizing the head, they’re often the most obvious and cumbersome. To combat this problem, the new design utilizes an open and lightweight nylon structure weighing in at just 80 grams. It not only feels cooler but is more comfortable by placing the weight of the head on the sternum rather than the collarbone.

Designer: Handsome Ltd

2 thoughts on “Neck Brace – Next Gen Neck Support”

  1. This design would be something perfect for me, except I have an issue with backward motion also, if this design could be tweaked to work out that same support to the back of the neck and still be able to get it on easily, this would be wonderful. I have been working out some type of support collar in my head for years (I am a bobble head), that isn’t so hot and cumbersome and restricting. I would like to be able to turn my head side to side easily, but do not want the front to back motion. Let me know what you come up with!!


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