Overview: The PETE household appliance merges the PET bottles in order to print clothing items from them. Lets spare the environment and dress fashionable!

What’s This: Due to the consumer society, our environment becomes heavily polluted and this is a raising tendency. Currently, under one year more than 7.5 million PET bottles end up in the dustbins. However efforts are made to recycle most of the bottles, several sections are burned or remain hidden amongst other waste. The recycling process takes both time and money: the grinded bottles are shipped to China, where they are processed: from 8 bottles a T-shirt; from 27, a sweater is made. Besides the facts mentioned above, the procedure also heavily pollutes the environment. Based on my idea, until 2050 there will be an Electrolux PETE printer in every household, with which we can print the fashionable clothing items we desire. The consumer only has to choose the required clothing type, colour and cutting, while the machine gives the amount of PET bottles needed for the fabrication. If the user whishes a different clothe, after following the same steps described above, another item can be made.

The Push: Every single person likes to follow the latest fashion when it becomes to clothing, but this consumes a lot of time. One has to pay attention to the trends, purchase the item while problems with the size and cutting can emerge. These inconveniences can be avoided by using the Electrolux PETE printer, by reusing the PET bottles destined to China or to the garbage heap. Lets spare the environment and dress fashionable!

Designer: Kovács Apor

Wanna know more? Visit :  Electrolux Design Lab (PETE)

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