Overview: The Hexis is a multi-purpose kitchen appliance that serves as a mini-refrigerator and a meal cooker that cooks according to your nutritional needs.

What’s This: The Hexis is a two-in-one kitchen appliance that can store food in tiny hexagonal compartments by compressing the very atoms of the food, making it physically smaller, and at the same, use these “food particles” as ingredients for healthy meals. When storing food, the Hexis analyzes first the nutritional components of the food, and then store them according to what food group they belong to.

Hexis also acts as a nutritional analyzer that can perform an in-depth scan of the user’s body with only a touch of the hand. It can quickly analyze the user’s nutritional needs, and based on acquired data and stored food particles, be able to come up with a list of recommended meals for the user to consume.

As an automatic meal cooker, the user can pick from their personal recommended list of meals the dish they want Hexis to prepare. Factors such as: the age of the user, the time when Hexis was used and certain medical issues can also affect how Hexis would prepare the healthy meals.

The Push: At present time, people are so busy rushing in between schedules that they tend to compromise their health. Often, people have would just opt to buy processed and unhealthy food, to fit into their busy lifestyle.

Having a machine that could address this problem would help people to enjoy a healthy lifestyle without disrupting their busy schedule. Hexis is designed for this sole purpose: to help people achieve optimal health lifestyle without sacrificing much of their precious time.

Designer: Anna Klarissa Abjelina

Wanna know more? Visit :  Electrolux Design Lab (Hexis)

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