Fresh-G: Truest flavour


Overview: The revolution of fridge is to sort food by their best-before date, so users can see a food approaching the best-before date and eat it intentionally.

What’s This: The concept was inspired by the Japanese cuisine. It is always recognized as art. The regard for seasonality is of the utmost essence, by using fresh ingredients and preparing them in a manner, which brings out the truest flavor of the ingredients. The concept of my design is to keep every food in our daily life being fresh before it reaches the tongue. The Fresh concept also fulfills our needs on having a healthy lifestyle.

The idea is to change the old behavior. In my design, the user does not need to open the door of fridge nor see the items inside. The door of fridge will be replaced by a full-size digital display and all the contained items are presented on it. Items are ascending sorted by the best-before date and displayed as three levels. The input and output of items are through a conveyer belt placed in the front-center of the fridge. If any food turn out-of-date, notifications will be sent to the user and the food will be sent out from the fridge automatically.

The Push: The motivation is to encourage people to consume all the food before out-of-date. Imagine a traditional scenario in using fridge, the user keep putting new items onto the shelves in the fridge, and the former items are pushed to the back and blocked by new. Because the former items are not as visible as newer items, they are more inclined to be ignored and forgotten in the fridge’s corner and being rotten, which always lead to waste of food or food poisoning if people eat them by mistake.

Designer: Nan Liu

Wanna know more? Visit :  Electrolux Design Lab (Fresh-G: Truest flavour)


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