Fabric Assistances


Overview: Fabric Assistances are going to make your only ones worn clothes return their clean life again without washing them.

What’s This: Those 4 moveable elliptic assistances is going to provide you full serves in terms of removing stain smell and stains from your clothes. In occasionally situations people wear their cloths only one day, even though clothes is clean it can get smelly from the restaurants or get stain from dinner. In other situation your cloths can get crinkle in your wardrobe. Instead of washing the clothes every time when those situations occur Fabric Assistances can help you in these situations. When user touches the Electrolux icon it starts to scan the area founds the fabric gets inside the fabric and moves inside of the fabric, defines the specific area and solves the problem.

The Push: Fabric Assistances are green products saves your time and energy and money. They are like living products here to serve you in terms of return their ones worn clothes to live again without washing in the machine and damage them. It can remove stain, smell, crinkle appearance.

Designer: Selin Koşağan

Wanna know more? Visit:  Electrolux Design Lab (Fabric Assistances)

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