Air & Life


Overview: “Air & Life” accessory to purify the air, promotes the use of plants and helps to keep them alive generating water

What’s This: “Air & Life ” encourages and promotes green living by making use of the environment and technology to our advantage, using and encouraging the use of plants in our homes that are elements alive. According to studies by NASA, a plant can purify the air in our homes and offices protecting us from the negative effects of common toxins such as ammonia , formaldehyde and benzene. . Purification 100mt2 areas up with a silver 6 ” Using this to our advantage ; “Air & Life ” , the work of nature facilitates improving the purification process for mediantes purest air filters and processes , thereby expelling , plants purified air to complete the purification process that brings nature. “Air & Life ” , in turn , is able to condense the moisture in the air to form water and keep those plants alive. Channeling water into the root of the planta.También scans the whole household to determine levels of air pollution , purification process, moisture from different areas are installed one or more device

The Push: Helps prevent some diseases such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), allergic rhinitis, pulmonary hypertension, which purifies the environment can not, promotes the use of the environment, plants at home in a wide variety; continuously generated by water moisture for plants; to check the status of air pollution in the home, humidity and state of purification; by Main unit can control, turn on and turn off all attached units in different areas of the home.

Designer: Eduardo Luis Chacón López

Wanna know more? Visit:  Electrolux Design Lab (Air & Life)

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