Pure Towel


Overview: Pure Towel is a scanner that applies UV rays and a high speed dryer fan to eliminate bacteria and humidity from a towel after use just by hanging it.

What’s This: Pure Towel features a safe system that only detects fabric to avoid activation by human contact. This gadget is a ring shaped scanner with 360 deg. UV ray and a circular fan that works by hanging the damp towel right after use on the smart hanger that recognizes it measuring matter density and sending an activation signal to the ring, which starts scanning in a vertical motion to cover the entire towel surface completing the cycle in ten seconds. This product has a sum of benefits such as energy saving by eliminating the use of household dryer, and water consumption will decrease by not having to use the washer.

The Push: In the time we are living every second counts and for the person that doesn’t have the time to go through the whole process of cleaning an item that is used daily and has a direct contact with the skin Pure Towel presents a solution for a more practical and hygienic lifestyle. It also has the advantage of being applied in hotels and public places giving the consumer the certainty that they are using a 100% bacteria free towel.

Designer: Leobardo Armenta

Wanna know more? Visit :  Electrolux Design Lab (Pure Towel)


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