Overview: “Future hunter-gatherer” is a food ingredients collection system which simplifyies complex ingredient sourcing networks using holographic technology

What’s This: The system works using holographic technology which projects an image of marine life into the kitchen which the user catches using a net and drops into a projected container. This symbolic act results in fresh food being ordered from local food markets and delivered to the home. New enjoyment can be found in a clearer understanding of the origin of the things we eat. Purchasing food in this way also gives new emphasis on buying from local farms and markets, assuring that food is fresh. It is a system that promotes healthy lifestyles through entertainment

The Push: “Future hunter-gatherer” is a future food ingredients collection system which aims to simplify complex ingredient sourcing networks. It offers an enjoyable way of bringing people closer to nature and the food they eat. By simulating nature, and specifically use Holographic Laser Projection to restore traditional hunter-gatherer scenarios like hunting and fishing, it brings a new level of engagement which has been lost in modern times. 

Designer: Pan Wang

Wanna know more? Visit :  Electrolux Design Lab (FUTURE HUNTER-GATHERER)

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